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Quantum Leap Inventions
Quantum Leap Inventions

For a Sustainable and Healthy World

We understand that as an industry leader, you are always on the lookout for next-gen solutions to stay in the lead.

That’s why we invent for you, your world, your businesses, and your future. Our inventions and integrated solutions are quantum leaps ahead of current technologies. To achieve this, we rely on the secret science of nature and invent through the complex process of biomimicry. Why? Because we firmly believe that the answer to every problem is hidden in the science of nature.


30 years of Research

Patented Technologies

Inspired by Nature

Our breakthrough solutions are designed, developed, and Made in India. For our one and only planet.

Nature Restorative Technologies For a Healthy, Net Zero World

The world is increasingly grappling with water pollution, leading to a scarcity of pure water. Contaminated water poses health risks, reduces agricultural yields, harms aquatic life, and hinders business and economic growth. The circular economy of water and pure water are the needs of the hour.


Livprotec Aquatron
Livprotec Aquatron

One-stop Wastewater Recovery Solution

A one-stop patented wastewater recovery system that offers the lowest-cost Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) without employing evaporators, chemicals, or biological processes.

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Overdependence on fossil fuels is the leading cause of climate change, rising temperatures, and extreme weather events. Grid-grade bioenergy is the answer. It reduces carbon emissions and supports a sustainable world.


Livprotec Serigas
Livprotec Serigas

Next Generation Bioenergy Solution

An organic biomethane system built using proprietary (Microbe Incubated Bio-Reaction) MIBR Reactor Technology that offers grid-grade renewable natural gas (97%-98% methane), fertilizer, pest repellent, and an opportunity for carbon capture.

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Advanced Materials

Livprotec Advanced Materials
Livprotec Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials harnesses the powerful properties of silver to offer a wide range of advanced solutions for various sectors, ranging from healthcare, agriculture, aquatic ecosystems, and everyday household products. These solutions combine the power of nature and technology to innovatively solve modern-day challenges utilizing various delivery systems.
Silver’s conductive properties, including thermal conductivity, along with its malleability and ductility, make it a remarkable material. Also, its antimicrobial properties benefit both humans and other living organisms. Additionally, silver's chemical stability and resistance to corrosion contribute to its longevity in various environments.
Advanced Materials is backed by over two decades of extensive knowledge and research that have unlocked the vast potential of silver for a better, safer, and healthier world.

Backed by rigorous research, our breakthrough innovations in healthcare help to restore health naturally and safely. Every invention of ours is driven by a commitment to evidence-based advancements. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and deep-rooted scientific understanding, our solutions deliver optimal health outcomes for patients as well as the entire medical fraternity.


Livprotec Health
Livprotec Health


Cryocure is an advanced cryogenic treatment for piles (hemorrhoids) and anal thrombosis. This innovative, non-invasive anal device provides complete relief from grade 1 and grade 2 piles from the comfort of one’s home.
Cryocure causes the blood vessels to constrict so that the blood flow to the swollen tissue diminishes. As a result of this, the hemorrhoids shrink. Complaints like pain, itching, burning, and loss of blood also reduce and may even disappear. Cryocure is especially a boon for pregnant women, diabetics, and senior citizens. Cryocure has been clinically tested and approved. It is a CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization)-approved medical device and an MDD-CE-marked medical device. It also has UL Test Reports for Vitro Cytotoxicity, Intracutaneous Reactivity Tests, and Skin Sensitization Tests.

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Livprotec Air
Livprotec Air

The shocking truth is that air pollution is not just limited to the outdoors. Indoor spaces shelter hidden threats from dangerous bacteria, viruses and even carcinogens. The deadly impact of transmission, epidemics and pandemics make 'aerial biosafety' more important than ever before. Our innovative Aerial Biosafety Solutions attenuates viruses and creates a healthier and safer indoor environment free of bacteria, fungi, and carcinogens, for you, your loved ones, and your colleagues

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Aquatron is used by


(Grey and Black Water)


(Ground Water Heave Metal Removal)


Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike

(Municipal Leachete)

Godrej Jersey

(Dairy Effluent)

GSF Frozen Foods

(Seafood Processing)


Oman Munition Production Company

(Metal Effluent)

Serigas is used by

Boon Farms Netherlands

(Gas for Automobiles, Electricity and Heating)

Volvo India

(Gas for Heating and Cooking)

Dharan Municipal Corporation

(Gas for Transportation and Cooking)

Hotel Elite International kerala

(Gas for Heating and Cooking)

Don’t manage sustainability. Solve it.

Effluent problems and energy issues are a threat to business, and to life. But those who use disruptive solutions don’t have to manage the problem. They eradicate the issue at its core, become sustainability champions, and even profit from its benefits.

sustainable technology solutions

No drain of valuable business resources

sustainable water technology

Easier compliance with environmental norms of local authorities

Energy innovations and solutions

Enables the creation of profitable carbon credits

Economy of water and energy

Enables the circular economy of water and energy

sustainable technology solutions

Zero threat of penalties and closures

Sustainable Development Goals

Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) fast-tracking progress towards a net zero world

Sustainability Champion

You lead as a Sustainability Champion

Lower water and carbon footprints

Lower water and carbon footprints

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